Welcome to the Roman Anthony’s website. Roman Anthonys used to be an Italian Restaurant, but now this website will be devoted to reviews of Restaurants and Hotels.


Managing a Restaurant Business

In the day-to-day management of a restaurant you will encounter numerous challenges. (It might be a good idea to go for Restaurant Management Training as well – click here to find out more). While some are general problems that will be unique to your business, other problems are more general and are faced by everyone [...]

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Restaurant Management Training – What Does It Teach You?

If you are considering working as a restaurant manager, you should consider getting restaurant management training. This type of training is actually more than just teaching you how to hire staff, ensure restaurant cleanliness, reprimand tardy employees or receive deliveries. A restaurant manager has a vital role in the whole operation. He or she is [...]

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Tips On How To Run A Restaurant Kitchen

Ever wondered what makes a restaurant a rollicking hit with customers? Is it about the gastronomical delights on that spicy menu created with passion and served with tremendous verve? Or does the secret lie in the ambience of the place? What about that tantalizing signature dish? Actually, the ingredients that ensure the roaring success of [...]

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